Echoes: Moon for Maria



Inspired by the materiality of Simonds-Gooding’s work, texture and innovative use of printmaking techniques, Mateja Šmic approached her work through a series of reflexive processes of experimental interactions with the material. The main focus being the landscape in the broadest sense, Smic explores the relationship between micro and macro / close and familiar with distant and unknown. Manifested mainly in plasterworks and gelatin monotypes, her work touches upon organic and humane microscopic forms evoking natural scenery but alluding to the lunar, foreign and curious.

Moon for Maria is a body of work and research derived from a project where Cló Collective (Sophia O’Sullivan, Helen O’Sullivan and Mateja Šmic) responded to works and practices of Maria Simonds Gooding and Kate MacDonagh. Work is showcased as an addendum to the show Echoes at Graphic Studio Gallery.