Cló after Brian O’Doherty

‘The possible interpretations and meaning of the work start with the choices the artist makes in articulating the work. ‘The mode in which something is said, or shall we say drawn, determines how we’ll receive it.’ (O’Doherty in Iversen, 2012). At the same time, he persists in the importance of the viewer, the spectator, who is as important just as the creator of the work, as ‘everything depends on the person who is looking’. To some extent, he agrees with Derrida in the claim that all problems are linguistic. (O’Doherty in Iversen, 201s) He dived deeply into the exploration of a relationship between the signifier and signified, by creating a triangle of visual representations of systems of symbols, the language we use to realise them and their meanings.’ M.Š.


Objavljuje Cló CollectiveSubota, 30. ožujka 2019.